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Sarah G. Imershein, MPH

Sarah G. Imershein, MPH

Program Manager,
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
Innovation Pathways
Improvement Manager,
UCSF Health Value Improvement

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  • University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, B.A., Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, 1998
  • Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, M.P.H., Health Law, Bioethics, and Human Rights, 2007

Sarah Imershein, MPH is Program Manager for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)/Innovation Pathways and an Improvement Manager for UCSF Health Value Improvement initiatives. These large scale system change programs aim at improving quality of patient care while increasing value. Sarah is also a former recipient of a UCSF Caring Wisely award and now manages the program that crowdsources high yield improvement ideas from frontline providers, and provides implementation science support to three system change projects each year. Past projects have demonstrated over $4M in cost savings to UCSF health and outcomes that include improved blood transfusion rates, operating room efficiency, reduced utilization of broad spectrum antibiotics, and standardized surgical care and recovery.

Prior to her Improvement Manager position, Sarah was a Quality and Safety Program Manager for the Department of Neurosurgery, and Improvement Specialist for UCSF's Unit Based Leadership Teams that help facilitate Lean Management and Continuous Process Improvement.

Prior to joining UCSF, Sarah was the Assistant Director of Program Outcomes for the Health Solutions Division of Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. There she managed multiple complex projects designing interventions, monitoring and evaluation tools, quality algorithms, and research protocols in both clinical and non-clinical settings. One of her diabetes outreach initiatives was awarded a highly competitive Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation (CMMI) Challenge grant to demonstrate cost effectiveness of the community health worker intervention. Sarah holds a Masters in Public Health, concentrating in Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights from Boston University School of Public Health.

  • Caring Wisely, UCSF Health, 2015-2016
  • Patient Safety, UCSF Health, 2017
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