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Post-Operative Activity Record

The following exercises will accelerate recovery from colorectal surgery.

  1. Use your incentive spirometer (ICS) once per hour while you are awake to prevent pneumonia
  2. Sit up in the chair every 2 hours that you’re awake to prevent pneumonia and pressure ulcers
  3. Walk 5 times per day to prevent pneumonia and to get your bowels moving
  4. Chew gum 4 times per day to help get your bowels moving

Activity Record….Celebrate Progress!

Date: ___________________________________

Date of Surgery:  ________________________________

What time did you take your first walk? ___________ a.m.____  p.m.____

Did you require help to take your first walk?  Yes _____ No ______

Place an "x" in the applicable box each time an activity is completed.

Activity Record ….Celebrate Progress!

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