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Instructional Videos for Ileostomy Patients


This videe describes the function of the small and large intestines, explains what an ileostomy is, details changes that occur in the absorption of food and water, and discusses fluid intake requirements for ileostomy patients.

Preventing Dehydration After Surgery

For patients who have undergone ileostomy surgery, dehydration is the most common post-surgical complication and most frequent source of hospital readmission. This video explains what dehydration is, how to recognize the symptoms, how to stay hydrated, the types of of fluids to drink and in what quantity, and the normal ileostomy output.

Complications After Surgery

Despite all efforts to prevent post-surgical complications, they sometimes do occur.This video discusses the most frequent complications of ileostomy surgery and how to address them. It also teaches how to recognize the warning signs of rare, but serious complications.


Everyday Life with an Ileostomy

This videos answers frequently asked questions by patients who have undergone an ileostomy. Topics include showering, clothing, dressing, exercise, sexual activity, work and diet.


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